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BYLA Boys Timer Directions



 Game Time
  • Four quarters of 10 minutes stop/start time. Start time when whistle blows. Stop time when whistle blows to stop play.
  • Alternate – 14 minute running time. Start time at first whistle. Stop time only for time outs and end of quarter.
  • 5 minute half time (usually kept by officials).
  • Overtime is one 4 minute sudden victory period (only if agreed upon by both coaches).
End of Quarter
  • Notify both coaches when there is 5 min and 2 min left in quarter.
  • Notify official and coaches when 20 seconds left in quarter. Count down loudly from 5 and sound horn at “zero”
  • 4th Quarter U15 only: Notify officials at 2:10 and 2:00
Clock Malfunctions
  • Try to inform the official while still keeping count in your head
  • Notify official at next dead ball.
  • Officials usually have a watch can change to running time.
  • Sound the horn if a coach calls for a horn
  • A horn can be called when the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines and for U13 and U11 only, end lines too.
  • Substitutions can also be done after goals are scored and while penalties are reported to the scorer's table.  All others substitutions need to be done ‘on the fly’. 
  • Official will signal: Color of offending team, number of player, and the penalty.
  • A technical foul is 30 seconds
  • A personal foul is 1-3 minutes and will be relayed to you by the official.
  • Keep players kneeling in the box while serving their penalty until 5 seconds remain on their penalty.
  • Tell the player at what time they will be released. Example: If the clock has 8 min left in the quarter, and it is a 30 second penalty, tell the player he will be released at 7 min 30 sec.
  • At 5 seconds he may be substituted for by another player
  • Count down from 5 loudly and yell “released” when penalty time reaches “zero”
  • Penalty time carries over into the next quarter and overtime.
  • If the penalty is on Team A and Team B scores, Team A’s penalties are released.
  • If the penalty is on Team A and Team A scores, Team A’s penalties are not released.
  • Non-releasable penalties always serve the entire time (not released by a goal).
  • Yell “all even” to allow all by coaches to know the penalty is released.