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BYLA Coaching Tools
The below tools are available to our coaches.  
Contact BYLA Director to borrow any of the below items.
Coaching Youth Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)
Communication As a Coach, Players Safety, Teaching Skills, Game Day Coaching, Girls Rules and Equipment, Girls Skills, Girls Season Plan, Boys Rules and Equipment, Boys Skills, Boys Season Plan, Boys & Girls Goalkeeping
Coaching Girl's Lacrosse: A Baffled Parent's Guide (Girls)
Passing and Catching Techniques, Progressive, Cradling, Creative Shots on Goal, Drills for Offense and Defense, Valuable Advice about Coaching
Mark Millon - Attack/Midfield (Boys)
Stick Skills, Stick Protection, Dodging, Shooting, Passing, Off ball play, Riding, Ground Balls, Face Offs
Mark Millon - Defense (Boys)
Stick Skills, Positioning On/Off Ball, Basic Checking, Checking Drills, Ground Balls, Dodging
Mark Millon - Goalie (Boys and Girls)
Stance/Positioning, Shot Stopping, Clearing, Stick Skills, Communication, Rebounds, Drills and Demonstrations
Jim Stagnitta - Team Practice Drills (Boys)
Passing, Offense, Defense Drills and Goalie Warm Ups
Jeff Tambroni - Offense Skills and Drills (Boys)
Passing, Shooting, Crease Play, Screens, Picks, On-Ball & Off-Ball Play
Jenny Levy - Skills and Drills (Girls)
Fundamentals: Cradling, Dodging, Passing, Catching, Ground Balls, Shooting