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BYLA Bylaws

I. Name
This association shall be called the Burlington Youth Lacrosse Association (BYLA).
II. Affiliations
The BYLA shall be affiliated with the Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL), Massachusetts Bay Girls Lacrosse League (MBGLL), & US Lacrosse.
III. Mission
The mission for which the BYLA is formed is:
BYLA is founded to provide the children and families of Burlington the opportunity to learn the game of lacrosse in a safe environment that provides an opportunity for all players of all abilities to develop skills and game knowledge. BYLA will emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play and respect for all and will work with the children and families, regardless of ability, in a sports setting, to foster and promote understanding in the fundamentals and the fine points of lacrosse.
IV. Membership
Residence Requirements
Membership in this league shall be limited to residents of Burlington, Massachusetts, or those administrators, players, or coaches as specifically approved for membership by the Board of Directors. BYLA reserves the right to allow people from neighboring communities, upon approval by 2/3 vote by BYLA Board, to participate in BYLA sponsored programs. Any board approved player must be registered as a BYLA member, a US Lacrosse member and must have paid fee as per BYLA registration agreement prior to participating in any BYLA sponsored activity.
Voting Members
Members of the Board of Directors shall have voting rights, during the term of their service.
V. Governing Body
The Board of Directors shall govern and administer the day-­to-day operation of the league within the scope of the Bylaws and the policy guidelines set by the Bylaws.
VI. Amendments to the Constitution
Once adopted, this Constitution shall be amended only by a 3/4 vote of those present and voting at the meeting of the League.
VII. This association is organized exclusively for charitable purposes.
No part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons, except that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in the articles of organization.
Upon the dissolution of this association, assets shall be distributed to other local lacrosse organisations. 
VIII. Conflict Of Interest
The purpose of the conflict of interest policy is to protect BYLA’s interest when it is contemplating entering into a transaction or arrangement that might benefit the private interest of an officer or director of BYLA. This policy is intended to supplement but not replace any applicable state and federal laws governing conflict of interest applicable to nonprofit and charitable organizations.
1.                   Interested Person
Any director, principal officer, or member of a committee with governing board delegated powers, which has a direct or indirect financial interest, as defined below, is an interested person.
2.                 Financial Interest
A person has a financial interest if the person has, directly or indirectly, through business, investment, or family:
a.  An ownership or investment interest in any entity with which BYLA has a transaction or arrangement.
b.  A compensation arrangement with BYLA or with any entity or individual with which BYLA has a transaction or arrangement, or
c.  A potential ownership or investment interest in, or compensation arrangement with, any entity or individual with which BYLA is negotiating a transaction or arrangement.
1)   Duty to Disclose
In connection with any actual or possible conflict of interest, an interested person must disclose the existence of the financial interest and be given the opportunity to disclose all material facts to the director and member committees with governing board delegated powers considering the proposed transaction or arrangement.
2)   Determining Whether a Conflict of Interest Exists
After disclosure of the financial interest and all material facts, and after any discussion with the interested person, he/she shall leave the governing board or committee meeting while the determination of a conflict of interest is discussed and voted upon. The remaining board and committee members shall decide if a conflict of interest exists.
3)   Procedure for Addressing the Conflict of Interest
a)   An interested person may make a presentation at the governing board or committee meeting, but after the presentation, he/she shall leave the meeting during the discussion of, and the vote on, the transaction or arrangement involving the possible conflict of interest.
b)   The chairperson of the governing board or committee shall, if appropriate, appoint a disinterested person or committee to investigate alternatives to the proposed transaction or arrangement.
c)   After exercising due diligence, the governing board or committee shall determine whether BYLA can obtain with reasonable efforts, a more advantageous transaction or arrangement from a person or entity that would not give rise to a conflict of interest.
d)   If a more advantageous transaction or arrangement is not reasonably possible under circumstances not producing a conflict of interest, the governing board or committee shall determine by a majority vote of the disinterested directors whether the transaction or arrangement is in BYLAs best interest, for it’s own benefit, and whether it is fair and reasonable. In conformity with the above determination it shall make a decision as to whether to enter into the transaction or arrangement.
4)   Violations of the Conflict of Interest Policy
a)   If the governing board or committee has reasonable cause to believe a member has failed to disclose actual or possible conflicts of interest, it shall inform the member of the basis for such belief and afford the member an opportunity to explain the alleged failure to disclose.
b)   If, after hearing the member’s response and after making further investigation as warranted by the circumstances, the governing board or committee determines the member has failed to disclose an actual or possible conflict of interest, it shall take appropriate disciplinary and corrective action.
c)   All proceeding will be recorded in the minutes of the governing board or committee, with each member’s conflict of interest, or allegations thereof.
5)   Annual Statements
Each director, principal officer and member of a committee with governing body delegated powers shall annually be sworn by the secretary, affirming that they are ware of this policy, have read this policy, and has agreed to comply with this policy.
6)   Periodic Reviews
To ensure that BYLA operates in a manner compliant with charitable purpose and does not engage in activities that could jeopardize its tax exempt status, periodic reviews of all transactions and arrangements shall be conducted.
1.1.    The Board of Directors shall consist of the following persons:
League Contact
Fundraising Coordinator
Referee Coordinator
Field Coordinator
Scheduling Coordinator
1.2.   The day to day business of the BYLA shall be managed by the Board of Directors.
1.3.   The act of the majority, of those present and voting, shall be the act of the Board of Directors.
1.4.   Where there are insufficient items to hold a meeting, the President may poll by telephone and/or e­mail all the members of the Board of Directors to obtain their vote, and notify each member of the Board within three days of the date of the vote as to the results.
1.5.   In the event of a vacancy in any of the elected offices through resignation or other causes, the Board of Directors, by a majority vote may fill such a vacancy.
1.6.   Removal of any Board member (for sufficient cause) requires a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.
1.8.    Any member of the board who is inactive for six (6) months shall be removed from the board.
1.9.   Removal of a person from an appointed office requires a 2/3 vote of the Board.
1.10.  Any of the BOD positions can be co-chaired.
1.11   BYLA does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, color, national origin, sex, disability or age.
2.1.   The offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, shall be elected from the Board of Directors.
2.3.  All elections will be conducted by paper ballots.
2.4.  The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes of the Board of Directors shall be deemed elected.
2.5.  Vacancies not filed at the time of the General Election, or occurring during the year, may be filed by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.
2.6.  The newly elected officers shall take office on July 1.
2.7.  The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.
3.1.   The Board of Directors shall hold, as a minimum, a regular meeting each month during the lacrosse season.
3.2.   Any member of the Board of Directors may call for a Board of Directors meeting.
3.3.   A meeting of the Board of Directors may be called at any time by the President.
3.4.   No votes can be taken or amendment made at a meeting without a quorum present (one more than 50% of the standing Board of Directors).
4.1.   The Burlington Youth Lacrosse Association Bylaws may be amended by a two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote by a Board of Directors meeting.
5.1.   Committees may be formed for any specific purpose not contrary to the purpose of the Association. All committee members shall be appointed by the committee chairperson and approved by the Board of Directors.
6.     GENERAL
6.1.   No officer or other voting member of this Association shall receive any fee for activities concerned with his or her official office in the BYLA.
6.2.   Payment for any personal expenses must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors. A receipt must be submitted.
6.3.   Any event which may be contrary to the spirit of the purpose of the Association may be investigated by a Disciplinary Committee consisting of three (3) members appointed by the Board of Directors. The Disciplinary Committee will be chaired by the VP.
The Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to recommend disciplinary action to the Board of Directors by filing a written report. Where disciplinary action is recommended against a person, the person shall be furnished with a copy of the report and shall have the opportunity to appear before the Board of Directors and be heard, or file a written opposition to the report. The Board of Directors shall either:
• Take such action as recommended by the Disciplinary Committee
• Vote to dismiss the report
• Recommit it for further report
No disciplinary action may be taken by the Board of Directors except within twenty-­one (21) days of the formation of the Disciplinary Committee.
6.4.   Coaching assignments must be approved by the Board of Directors.
6.6. Any expense must be approved by the BOD
7.1.              President
7.1.1.    Calls to order business meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting of the General Committee.
7.1.2.   Serves as official member of all committees.
7.1.3.   In instances where disciplinary measures appear appropriate or are recommended, the President will convene a special meeting of the Board of Directors.
7.1.4.   Shall be authorized to arbitrate all matters.
7.1.5.   In the case of a tie, members of the BOD not in attendance will be polled via e-mail. If this still results in a tie, the President shall cast the deciding vote.
7.1.6.   The President, Secretary and/or Treasurer shall have power to sign all checks and bank withdrawals.  Minimum 2 signatures required for all checks and bank withdrawals.
7.1.9.    Maintains a key to the P.O. Box, and distributes mail accordingly
7.1.10. Responsible for uniform sub committee (ordering and distributing uniforms)
7.1.11. Maintains website
7.1.12.  Will assist the Secretary. Shall be responsible to organize and present all lacrosse rosters, birth certificates, and registration forms to the President for the rosters submitted at MBYLL.
7.2.              Vice-President
7.2.1.   In the absence of the President shall be acting President.
7.2.3.     Shall perform other such duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.
7.2.4.  Chairs the Disciplinary Committee as it pertains to lacrosse.
7.2.7.  Adjudicates team or parent protests through impartial fact finding and arbitration.
7.2.8.  Receives and records player and coach ejections.
7.2.9.  Meets with Program Director, Coaches and assistants as needed.
7.3.              Secretary
7.3.1.   Notifies the Board of Directors of Board meetings and regular meetings both as determined by the President.
7.3.2.  Notifies the members of regular meetings via the e-mail or website.
7.3.3.  Coordinates and maintains all league correspondence within and outside the Association.
7.3.4.  Assists the President in his duties.
7.3.5.  Shall be responsible for conducting an annual registration for player ­members and maintains lists of all registered members.
7.3.7.  Shall Maintain a copy of the Bylaws for any member ting said Bylaws
7.3.8.  Coordinates registration with the assistance of the BOD and delivers registration fees to the Treasurer
7.3.9.  Submits team rosters to the MBYLL.
7.3.10.  Coordinates emergency phone lists and team rosters.
7.3.11.     Provides agenda and meeting minutes to BOD at all meetings.
7.3.12.    Distribute field permits to Director and Coaches
7.3.13.    Ensures all players are registered for US Lacrosse.      
7.4.              Treasurer
7.4.1.   Receives commitment checks from players.
7.4.2.  Collects and disburses funds as operational necessity dictates.
7.4.3.  Manages bank accounts as necessary.
7.4.4.  Keeps records of receipts and expenditures of the Association.
7.4.5.  Renders statement of financial condition on a monthly basis.
7.4.6.  Assists any approved fund­raising committee.
7.4.7.  Creates annual budget to be approved by the Board of Directors.
7.4.8.  Assists the President in his duties.
7.4.9.  Maintains a key to the P.O. Box, and distributes mail accordingly.
7.4.10.  Registers all coaches for US Lacrosse
7.5.              Program Directors
7.5.1.   Manage coaches and team within group in compliance with BYLA and MBYLL guidelines, develops players and coaches, and coordinates Boys/Girls Program Directors level policies, practices, and games based on the rules and code of conduct specified by the MBYLL.
7.5.2.  Program Director may remove or suspend a player from a practice, game, or other BYLA activity for any conduct deemed inappropriate based on the MBYLL “Code of Conduct”. Such action will require the approval of the Head Coach, with both the Head Coach and Program Director informing the player’s parents/guardians and the Board of Directors of such action as soon as possible. The Board of Directors will determine if a disciplinary committee is required to address the issue.
7.5.3.  Responsible for the conduct and sportsmanship of his coaches, players and players’ parents and fans during scheduled games.
7.5.4.  Must notify the board of any disciplinary problems or injuries that involve the Program Director's group.
7.5.6.  Responsible for selecting coaching staff with approval by the Board.
7.5.7.  Responsible for communications with coaches as it pertains to schedules, notices, newsletters, etc.
7.5.8.     Distributes field permits to coaches.
7.5.9    Responsible for relaying scheduling changes to webmaster.
7.5.10.   Responsible for coaches bags, distribution and maintenance.
7.5.11.   Responsible for coaches equipment contracts.
7.5.12.  Shall be the overall coordinator of the U15, U13, U11, U9 lacrosse teams and all other sponsored programs.
7.5.13.  Responsible for maintaining all coaches league requirements
7.5.14.   Responsible for scheduling BYLA coaches meeting.
7.6.              Fundraising Coordinator
7.6.1.   Responsible for positive ideas and functions that will benefit the program and are board approved.
7.6.2.  Develops fundraising plans appropriate to Association budgetary needs.
7.6.4.  Delivers fundraising status report at each meeting.
7.6.5   Responsible for team sponsors & sponsor plaques.
7.6.6.    Responsible for coordinating team pictures. Including recommending photographer and date.
7.9.              Field Coordinator
7.9.1.   Responsible for coordinating the activities associated with the setup and operation of the fields for game days and other such events; (other than refreshments or concessions).
7.9.2.  Manages volunteers necessary for duties such as lining fields.
7.9.3.  Propose budget expenses that directly relate to field or game day equipment.
7.9.4.  Maintaining Nets.
7.9.5  Maintaining lining machine and pain supply
7.9.6. Responsible for field assessments specifically grass, trash, etc. and notifying town of actions needed.
7.9.7.   Obtains permits as necessary for public building use, Gym use and field use. Submits permits to Secretary to be distributed to Director & Coaches.
7.10           League Contact
7.10.1 Shall be the "Child Safe Coordinator" required to annually obtain and process CORI forms for each Head Coach, Coach, and Board Member; and report the findings to the BOD
7.10.2  Will attend all scheduled MBYLL meetings and report back to BOD.
7.11            Referee Coordinator
7.11.1.   Responsible for confirming Sunday Referees for home games by Wednesday prior.
7.11.2.   Communicate confirmation to Director and Coaches.
7.11.4.  Assist in finding replacement referee as needed.
7.11.5. Contact referees of game day changes/cancellations.
7.12          Scheduling Coordinator
7.12.1    Attend league scheduling meeting and report back to BOD.
7.12.2.  Assist coaches in scheduling mid-week games
7.12.3.   League contact for master schedule (all games)
7.12.4.  Maintain master schedule for all games including make-ups.
7.12.5.  Assist coaches with make-up scheduling.
7.12.6.  Confirm all Sunday games both home and away by Wednesday prior and communicate confirmation to Director and Coaches.
7.12.7. Procure away game directions and forward to Director, Coaches and Webmaster.
7.12.8. Confirm all teams have 8 Sunday games and 6 Mid-week games.
7.12.9. Schedule Jamboree date with approval of BOD and forward to Director.
7.11.3.   Schedule mid-week referees as needed.
8.1.   All Head Coaches must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and must be approved by the Board of Directors.
8.2.  All Assistant Coaches will be selected by the Head Coach, and must meet with Board approval.
8.3.  Board of Directors maintains right to remove any Head Coach or Assistant Coach if said coach is not coaching in accordance with BYLA mission.
8.4.  Lacrosse Head Coaches must understand and be experienced in coaching under Youth League rules and regulations.
8.5.  All Head Coaches, their assistants, and all Board Members must have on file with BOD a current CORI form. The CORI states that they have not had any legal altercations involving the mortality and general welfare of children. CORI must be on file before the start of preseason practice. Should the letter not be provided within that time, all privileges as a coach will be suspended until CORI is obtained by the Board. The BOD will keep all CORI information private and confidential.
8.6.  All Head Coaches shall read and distribute copies of the “Code of Conduct” to their assistants as an aid in the instruction of youth lacrosse. * “Code of Conduct” ­ (attached to the Bylaws)
9.1.   BYLA Board reserves the right, on a case ­by­ case basis, to allow a child to participate in BYLA sponsored activities that, due to financial obligations, may otherwise not be able to participate.  All finances will remain strictly confidential, and the Board will protect and insure the financial privacy of all participants.
9.2.  BYLA Board reserves the right, to determine if a refund may be granted to any player(s).  Full refunds may be issued prior to season start, on a case by case basis.  Refunds will not be issued after the first game unless there are extenuating circumstances and it is approved by 2/3 board vote.
9.3.  Based on the financial needs to operate the Association, the Board will determine the cost of registration for all teams.

10. Peace of Mind Endorsement

10.1 We have written by-laws or guidelines that require all players and coaches (for teams or leagues) or all officials (of officials' associations) to be registered members of US lacrosse in order to participate.

10.2 We have a systemic membership verification process to ensure that all participants are members for the duration of the season 

10.3 All members sign up through registration website which requires their current US lacrosse membership #

10.4 Manual membership checks are done though USlacrosse.org by our team or league registrar

10.5 Participant spreadsheet is sent to US Lacrosse membership department for verification
Last updated: 10/12/2009