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 2017 Raffle Calendar Winners!



June 1st: $50 Tony C's Gift Card
Maryanne Cromwell
June 2nd: $25 True North Gift Card
Gates (Sold by Brendon Gates)
June 3rd: $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
Andy Maniscalco
June 4th: $100 Cash
Shellie Lovallo
June 5th: $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
Arron Gladden
June 6th: King's Bowling Prize
Dave Peters
June 7th: $50 American Flat Brad Gift Card
Erica Monteiro
June 8th: $50 Cash
Tina McWhinnie
June 9th: $100 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
Tracey Janis
June 10th: Keurig Coffee Machine
Sinead Cassidy
June 11th: $100 Cash
Melissa Howard
June12th: $100 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
Emily Pupa
June 13th: $50 Cash
Charles Desmond
June 14th: $250 AJ Rose Gift Card
Heather Wood
June 15th:$600 Fitness Together Personal Training Gift Certificate
Ann Shanahan
June 16th: $100 Wegman's Gift Card
Diane Nelson
June 17th: $50 Cash Prize
James Casella
June  18th: $50 Cash Prize
Jacqui Magnarelli
June 19th: $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
Courtney Taylor
June 20th: $50 American Flatbread Gift Certificate
Steve Dupuis
June 21st: $50 Cash Prize
Alex Russo
June 22nd: $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
Jake Nicholson
June 23rd: Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Basket
Jessica Piorier
June 24th: $25 Chareau Gift Card & $25 Cash Prize
Christa Martin
June 25th: $25 School House Gift Card & $25 Cash Prize
Susan Racine
June 26th: $50 Cash Prize
John Miceli
June 27th: $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
Ryan Wood
June 28th: $100 Wegman's Gift Card
Caroline Taitelbaum
June 29th: $25 Sweet Ginger Gift Card & $25 Cash Prize
June Byrne
June 30th: $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
Jay Hunt
Bonus Day: $100 Cash Prize
Jim Desmond


Why BLYA does a raffle 

  • Avoid raising registration fees, when expenses go up every year (league fees, equipment/balls cost, uniforms cost, officials fees, etc)
  • Fund the free BYLA Family Day
  • Indoor practice/gym time (March)
  • New Equipment
  • Keep the  boys select team registration fees affordable (Bulldogs)
  • BYLA Scholarships
  • Support Boston Cannons