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Burlington Youth Lacrosse Coaches Hand Book
MBYLL & BYLA Philosophy
There are no standings kept, no league championship or playoffs. We play all players as equally as possible with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun experience for all involved. We police ourselves in the effort to provide an outlet for kids that has not been swept up in the pressure filled, win-at-all-cost mania that is too present in today's youth sports. Lacrosse is a physical game but not hockey or football. Teach the skills of the game not contact. Play and coach to have fun! Players should play all positions during the season.
Players that want to compete a high level competitive league are encouraged to also try out for Burlingtons U13 or U15 Select Team. The Mass Youth Select Lacrosse League MYSLL is designed to work around MYBLL schedules and includes completive games with play offs, etc. New England Select Lacrosse League (NESLL)
·        Playing time will consist of (4) - (10) minute start/stop quarters for the U15, U13 and U11 age groups. U9 is based on coaches agreement.
·        Overtime will be played upon unanimous agreement of both coaches & referee, and will only be played as one (4) minute sudden-death period.
·        All helmets must be NOCSAE approved lacrosse helmets. Any offending helmet must be removed from play, and the referee has the final say on all helmets. This is due to Lacrosse Insurance regulations.
·        Long sticks will not be permitted U11 age level.  3 “long sticks” measuring a total of 60” (including the head) will be permitted on the field for U13. U15 follows USLYC rules (high school).
·        Substitutions will be allowed on all out of bounds (sideline/ end line) for the U13 and U11 age levels only. U15 follows USLYC rules (high school).
·        There will be two timeouts per half per team.
·        If any team gains a 5 goal lead; the trailing team MUST receive the ball at midfield without a face off. Face offs resume when the margin returns to four goals.
·        There will be no take out checks at any age level. Example: Any hit with or without possession that has the intent of injuring or putting the opponent on the ground. Example: If the player is not looking for the ball after the hit, it should be a penalty.
·        There will be no body checking for U11 players per the US Lacrosse Youth Council Rules for U11. Players should play the ball not the man when it is loose.
·        One coach will be allowed and encouraged to be on the field at all times in any U11 game. The purpose is to be instructional without yelling from the sidelines.
If more than one team in an age group, every effort should be taken to balance the talent levels of the team. Example: There should be no A teams and B teams
·        U 15        8th and 7th grades
·        U 13        6th and 5th grades
·        U 11        4th and 3rd grades
·        U 09        2nd and 1st graders 
There are exceptions but most players will be assigned by the above grades. Contact any board member with any questions about exceptions.
If 2 teams for an age group: Coaches will meet to create rosters. If coaches can not agree on roster, the BYL will create the rosters. Teams should be split fairly, keeping goalies in mind. Coaches should contact players with team assignments soon after roster is finalized. Rosters need to be submitted to BYL after final.
Player Equipment
Each prayer must provide their own equipment. Goalie equipment will be provided by BYL. Coaches should check and confirm equipment is correct. Constant reminders of mouth pieces are usually needed. Players should identify all their equipment. Example: put the players name on all pads, stick and helmet.
·        Lacrosse Stick. There are no stick penalties (too short, deep pocket) but coaches should teach and enforce legal sticks
·        Lacrosse Helmet (NOCSAE approved, due to insurance regulations, hockey helmets are not acceptable)
·        Attached mouth guard
·        Shoulder Pads
·        Arm Pads
·        Lacrosse Gloves ( Hockey gloves do not flex properly for lacrosse )
·        Athletic Supporter with Protective Cup is strongly recommended but not required except for Goalie’s*.
·        Rib Pads are strongly recommended but not required
·        Rubber Sole Cleats (soccer cleats are fine)
·        Game Shirt and Shorts, provided by BYLA will be passed out by coaches
* Goalies must wear the additional equipment: cup, chest protector and throat guard. Shin and leg guards are recommended.
Practice schedules & policies
·        Practice days and times are decided by the individual coaches. Confirm what days and times the fields are available.
·        Recommended practices: At least 2 per week.
·        Reminder players that they should be picking up their stick every day, not just at practice.
·        Players must attend at least 1 practice during the week in order to play in the upcoming game. Provided practice was available. Coaches have the right to bench players in games for not attending at least 1 practice.
·        Players should do a team stretch before every practice and game.
·        Coaches are required to contact the team soon after receiving the final team roster
·        Coaches are responsible for all practice, game, schedules, changes, Jamboree, directions to away games, etc communication.
·        Cancelled games and practices should be properly communicated to the team.
·        If coaches have trouble communicating, assign a team parent(s) to be responsible.
·        Practices
Ø      Held at MSMS field.
Ø      There are no set practice times. Teams are expected to share the fields and nets.
·        Games
Ø      Players and coaches should arrive 1 hour prior to game start to warm up.
Ø      Home games held at MSMS
Ø      Away games will be scheduled
Ø      There are 2 MSMS fields: Brush field and field behind Brush field. Field assignment will be done by the BYL board. Older teams will get preference to the better field.
Ø      The most important lines on the field is the crease. Cones should be set up for side lines, mid field and restraining box.
·        Coaches bag will be stocked with and returned at the end of the year with the following:
Ø      Goalie Stick
Ø      Goalie shorts
Ø      Goalie chest protector
Ø      Goalie throat guard
Ø      Cones
Ø      Balls
Ø      Bag
Ø      Defense long sticks – U3 and U15
Ø      Horn
Ø      Clock       
Ø      Ice packs
Ø      First Aid kit
Ø      Clip board
Ø      Lacrosse Rule book
Please let BYLA know if you need any refills or other equipment/supplies.
·        There is only 1 referee per game. The referee will watch the ball so many off ball contact and penalties he may not see.
·        Do not yell at the refs. Discuss any issues during end of quarters or half time.
·        Educate the referee’s of the specific youth lacrosse rules he may not be enforcing. Example: Allowing contact in U11.
·        The referee’s number 1 job is to protect the players. Coaches should control their own players. Don’t rely on the referees to control your players.
·        Be prepared to get referees that don’t do a great job. If there were major issues with the referee, contact a member of the board. MYBLL does want to hear about major referee issues.
·        8 Sunday games (4 home and 4 away) and some mid week games.
·        Mandatory Pre-game meeting with Referee and other teams coach. Discuss the rules of the youth game.
·        Home coach should provide a time keeper with horn at every game.
·        At the end of every game, both teams must line up to shake hands.
·        Both team benches are on the same side of the field which is opposite from the parents and fans.
Web Sites
A policy for water should be made by the coaches. Below are some suggestions but players need water for every practice and game. Set the policy early at the beginning.
·        Have each player bring their own water to every practice/game
·        Coach bring water to every practice/games
·        Assign parents to bring water
Conflict resolution process
·        Any parent, player, coach, referee, other town issues or conflicts should be emailed to
·        Once the email is received, the conflict will be reviewed by the BYLA board and then the BYLA board will determine further action: The board will contact Phil Jordan for any “other town” issue and contact Mark Grant for any referee issues.
·        Be aware that many parents do not know the game.
·        Speak to any parent being a problem on the side line. Having parents yelling at the referee or other team is not acceptable.
·        All non coaching parents should be on the opposite side of the field from the teams benches.
·        Discuss the philosophy of BYLA/MBYLA with the parents.
·        There is a player hand book for any new player/parent on the web site.