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Is there a Boys and Girls Program?
We have both a boys and girls program at the U7, U9, U11, U13, and U15 levels.
What age groups does Burlington Youth Lacrosse offer?
There are 4 levels of travel teams in Burlington for boys and girls: U9, U11, U13, and U15. U7 is an in town Learn to Play clinic, no travel.
  • U7 –  Learn to Play Clinic for grade K boys and girls
  • U9 – Non contact games for grades 1 & 2 boys
  • U11 – Non contact games for grades 3 & 4 boys
  • U13 – Full contact games for grades 5 & 6 boys
  • U15 – Full contact games for grades 7 & 8 boys
  • U9 - Non contact games for grades 1 & 2 girls
  • U11 – Non contact games for grades 3 & 4 girls
  • U13 – Modified contact games for grades 5 & 6 girls
  • U15 – Modified contact games for grades 7 & 8 girls
 In addition to the regular teams, BYLA offers 2 boys Select teams (Bulldogs)
  • U13 – Full contact competitive games for grades 5 & 6 boys
  • U15 – Full contact competitive games for grades 7 & 8 boys
What is the cost?
The registration fee is listed on the registration page. The fee includes US Lacrosse Membership, game uniform, team equipment (nets, balls, practice jerseys, etc), Jamboree entrance fee, referee fees and league fees are all included.
Why are the sign-ups in November and December?
Final rosters are due to the league in January and we need to define the teams then. Unfortunately, due to league deadlines & maximum team size, if there is no room on the team we are unable to accept late registration.
How do I know which team my child should be on?

Our teams are decided by grade:
  • U7 = Kindergarten
  • U9 = First and Second grade
  • U11 = Third and Fourth grade
  • U13 = Fifth and Six grade
  • U15 = Seventh and Eighth Grade
When is the season? When are the Games? When do they practice?
The Youth Lacrosse Season starts mid March and goes through the second weekend of June. The games are primarily played on Sundays. Practices are normally held two times during the week and are subject to the coach’s schedule. U7 and U9 season may start later.
How many games are played? Are all the games in Burlington?
Each team should play 8 games between April 1st and the second weekend of June (U9 may have less games). Some of the games will be home and others will be away. There is also a one-day Jamboree in June.
Where are practices held? Where are games played?

Practices are held at different fields in Burlington and most home games are played at MSMS fields. But fields can change. 
Does BYLA provide equipment?

No, players are required to purchase their own equipment. The only exception in U7, as BYLA does provide the equipment. BYLA will also provide each coach full goalie equipment.
How much is the equipment?

Boys need a lacrosse helmet - NOCSAE approved, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and a legal stick. Boys' packages are normally $200 or more (including stick).
Girls need lacrosse goggles, a colored mouth guard, and a legal stick.  Soft lacrosse gloves are optional. 
Burlington Youth Lacrosse will host an equipment night, which will give Burlington players a great package price.
How can I register for the Boys Select team (Bulldogs)?

Tryouts will be held for the Select teams. Players registered for the U13 and U15 boys teams will be invited. Players that make the select team will be sent a link to register and pay for the select team.
What are the Bulldogs?
The Bulldogs is the name of our U13 & U15 Select team. Players from Burlington are invited to try out for the Bulldogs. The select team is an additional team that plays one more game a week and one additional practice.
How are the teams formed? Are there A and B teams?

If there are 2 teams for one level i.e. U15, the rosters are split evenly. We do not have A & B teams. We will have 2 balanced teams.
How can I help?

Please inform us if you would like to help, as we are all volunteers running Burlington Youth Lacrosse. No Lacrosse experience is required!