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BYLA Registration Frequently Asked Questions

BYLA has been busy fielding many of your questions, so we thought we would provide you with the answers to many of the following frequently asked questions.


  • Why does BYLA open registration in the fall/winter when it is a spring sport?
  1. Our leagues MBYLL (Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League) and MBGLL (Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League) require BYLA to register teams in January.  
    1. BYLA needs to know how many athletes are interested in playing to determine how many teams to create at each level.   
    2. MBYLL and MBGLL do this so they can create their respective game schedules.  
  1. BYLA needs to order uniforms.  Spring is an extremely busy season for uniform manufacturers.  They are making uniforms for Baseball, Soccer, and Lacrosse.  We need to have our uniform order in no later than the middle of January.  If we do not, we will not have uniforms before the first games in April.  There is a 6-8 week lead time on uniform orders.
  • If there are enough late registrations to form an additional team, why not just enter another team to the league?
    • Unfortunately, because MBYLL and MBGLL coordinate the scheduling of 300-400 teams, adding another team at any level after the game schedule has been built is not a possibility.  So, as a result, if we have late registrations, we end up with a large number of athletes on each team and in some cases a waiting list. 
  • How long is the season?
    • Lacrosse season runs March (indoor turf pre-season practices) through June. 



  • How are the teams formed? Are there A and B teams?
    • If there are 2 teams for one level i.e. U15, the rosters are split evenly. We do not have A & B teams. We will have 2 balanced teams.


  • How can I register for the Boys Select team (formerly known as Bulldogs)?
    • Tryouts will be held for the Select teams. Players registered for the U13 and U15 boys teams will be invited. Players that make the select team will be sent a link to register and pay for the select team.


  • How can I register for the Girls Select team (Redhawks: Burlington/Billerica)?
    • Tryouts will be held for the Select teams. Players registered for the U13 and U15 boys teams will be invited. Players that make the select team will be sent a link to register and pay for the select team.



  • How do I know if I successfully registered and paid for my child?
    • Last year, BYLA instituted a new policy on the website, “Any registration not paid in full within one hour of registration will be deleted.” 
    • The registration system will send an email when it deletes your registration, but it is also possible the email could get filtered as SPAM by your email and end up in a different folder.  To be sure your child is successfully registered, log into your account on the BYLA website to check your registration status.   


  • Who should I contact if I am unable to make the full payment at the time of registration?
    • Please contact us.  No child will be denied because of financial hardship.  
      • BYLA < >


  • What does my registration fee pay for?    
    • BYLA fees include: pre-season indoor turf practices, in-season practices, games, certified referees, and a year-end jamboree.


  • What doesn’t my registration fee pay for?
    • Fees do not include MBYLL (boys) /US Lacrosse (girls) membership.  You  must sign up for MBYLL/US Lacrosse independently. You will be prompted to do so during the online registration process.
      • All boys must be members of MBYLL 
      • All girls must be members of US Lacrosse
    • Uniform
    • Personal equipment (shop local: Lacrosse Loft in Wilmington; Lacrosse Unlimited in Burlington)
      • Boys: colored mouthguard, stick with boys pocket, helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cleats* 
      • Girls: colored mouthguard, stick with girls pocket, SEI Certified goggles (ASTM Standard F3077), cleats* 

        *for younger or new to the sport athletes, soccer cleats are sufficient.  Baseball/Softball cleats are not.  Lacrosse specific cleats have more ankle support and are recommended.



  • Is there a registration deadline?
    • Yes.  Players registered after the deadline are not guaranteed a roster spot on a team or a personalized uniform for first year players.




  • Who NEEDS to purchase a uniform? 
    • Anyone new to the program U9 (GRADES 1 & 2) - U15 (GRADES 7 & 8).
    • ***Registration fee does not include a uniform. 
      • Do I get to select a uniform number?
        • No.  Your child will be assigned a number and that will be his/her number for the duration of his/her time with BYLA.
    • Anyone looking to replace a uniform (jersey and shorts can be purchased separately).
      • Do I have to provide the store with my number? 
        • No, BYLA assigns your number and maintains it for all future uniform purchases.
  • Is a uniform included with my registration fee?
    • No.  All NEW players to BYLA must purchase a uniform through the BYLA Uniform store.  Historically, the online store opens in early January.


  • My child played last year and the uniform still fits, do I need to purchase a new uniform?
    • No.  


  • My child did not play last year, do I need to purchase a uniform?
    • Yes.  An email will be sent as soon as the BYLA apparel store opens for uniform purchase.  The online store will only be open for a short period of time.  


  • My child has a uniform, but it doesn’t have his/her name on it, can I have the name added?
    • No. If your child’s uniform doesn’t have a name on it, you need to purchase a new uniform and return the loaner uniform back to anyone in BYLA when the season starts.


  • Is there any way to avoid the shipping fee?
    • Yes. OPTION 1 → Spend more than $199 individually.
    • Yes. OPTION 2 → Get together with a group of families and spend more than $199 collectively. 


  • What if I miss the uniform order deadline, will my son/daughter get a uniform?
    • We have a small set of loaner uniforms in various sizes that are numbered from 60-79.  These must be turned back in at the end of the season.


  • Will you ever change the uniform style?
    • We are considering a LOGO change  for the 2023 season:   


  • Who DOES NOT need a uniform? 
    • Learn to Play (LTP).




BYLA is looking for volunteers for Field Crew, Fundraising, and Coaching.  
Please let us know if you can help!